Mission, vision and values


To be a global benchmark in food and nutrition based on the pillars of innovation, brand and competitiveness. We are committed to the generation of value and long term future for customers, providers, employees, society and shareholders.


To provide the world with meat and its healthy and nutritional derivatives.

For that reason we are committed to:

  • Development of national market share, firm promotion of exporting and commitment to international partnerships.
  • Production of competitive solutions, both in fresh meat and products as well as processed meat and ready meals.
  • Brand unification and strengthening


Committed to the values which have determined our identity, for a fully guaranteed future.

Excellence · Effort · Passion · Work · Proximity · Humbleness · Integrity · Common Sense 


More than 6.400 professionals together

ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN is the most important company in the Grupo Fuertes Holding Company and is dedicated to the production of healthy and nutritional meat-based products.

The company’s origins date back to 1935 with the opening of a modest food establishment located in ‘El Pozo Concejil’ square, in the Murcian town of Alhama de Murcia. In 1954 it started its industrial activity with its first sausage factory and it has continued to grow since then, based on a strategy of reinvestment and continuous improvement.

Last year, the company’s turnover broke the thousand million euro barrier, which means an increase of 7.9 per cent, whilst investments exceeded 45 million, mainly aimed at increasing eficiency and competitiveness in an increasingly more global market. It currently has a workforce of 4,150 people.

ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN is a 100 per cent family-owned company, with an eficient, humane, socially and environmentally responsible business model.

Innovation is the basic pillar of its business philosophy. This applies to all areas of the business, from the production processes and the implementation of new technologies to the launching of new products which can improve the wellbeing and health of its consumers.

It has a single production centre in Alhama de Murcia, with a total land area of 250,000 m2 and a capacity to process up to 20,000 pigs daily.