Environmental policy


ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN a company firmly committed to the Environment; one of its strategic objectives is to carry out its activity within the framework of sustainable development.  That is why a fundamental pillar of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is guaranteeing to respect the Environment.

ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN develops its environmental policy according to the following principals:

  • Consider the integration of environmental criteria in the processes of business planning and management a strategic priority
  • Control and ensure continuous improvement, incorporating the best available technologies to mitigate environmental impact, guaranteeing compliance with environmental legislation and other accepted voluntary requirements.
  • Promote training and awareness of groups involved according to the principals of the organisation’s environmental responsibility.
  • Establish an appropriate mechanism of communication to know and ensure compliance with the needs and expectations of interested parties.
  • Develop programmes which allow objectives defined by the organisation to be achieved, enabling an improvement in environmental performance.

ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN is making progress in incorporating sustainability criteria in its product development, so that it meets the needs of a society which is more and more concerned with protecting the environment.

Rafael Fuertes

General Management