Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ElPozo mean?

The name ELPOZO comes from the square “El Pozo Concejil” in Alhama de
Murcia, in the Region of Murcia, Spain, where a humble grocery shop was opened.

What business group does ElPozo belong to?

ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN is part of the Grupo Fuertes
holding company which includes around twenty companies from different sectors.

What type of company is ElPozo?

ElPozo is a company dedicated to the elaboration of healthy, nutritious
meat products and their derivatives

What is ElPozo ExtraTiernos?

The ELPOZO ExtraTiernos (Extra Tender) range is made with meat from our
own farms, and is the freshest, juiciest and most tender on the market thanks to the selection of raw
materials and to a special exclusive marinating process. These products, composed of the best cuts of pork,
turkey, chicken and beef, are ideal for the whole family, and are especially indicated for the youngest and
oldest members of the household.

This line is the result of the continuous research of ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN’s RDI Department. The
company is committed to permanent improvement in order to adapt to new market trends and to meet
the needs of consumers looking for food and products ever easier to eat and prepare. All the solutions from
the ExtraTiernos range are simple and quick to cook, ideal for griddling, breading or frying.

What is ElPozo BienStar (Well-being)?

This is the ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN product line with the highest
commitment to healthy eating. It is a full range of foods with an optimised nutritional profile, ideal for the
whole family to enjoy a healthy, balanced lifestyle, without renouncing taste. These solutions are produced
with an improved composition and have a lower fat, saturated fat and salt content, helping to reduce the
consumption of these nutrients in the diet and helping you to meet the nutritional recommendations of the

Moreover, these products contain a high percentage of protein and are products produced without gluten,
without lactose and without sugars so that everyone can enjoy them with all their taste and quality.