ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN successfully hosts the tenth leg of the cycling tour of Spain in its facilities


Its President, Tomás Fuertes, was in charge of awarding the prize to the Winner of the Leg, Mateo Trentin, and the managing director of the company, José Fuertes, awarded the prize for the Youngest Cyclist, to Adam James

29th August 2017.- ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN today successfully hosted in its facilities, located in Alhama de Murcia, the arrival of the tenth leg of the Cycling Tour of Spain (La Vuelta), which came from Caravaca, a town which this year is celebrating its Jubilee Year. Its president, Tomás Fuertes, was in charge of awarding the prize to the winner of the leg, Mateo Trentin, whilst the managing director, José Fuertes, awarded the prize to the Youngest Cyclist, Adam James.

The assistant managing director of ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN, Rafael Fuertes, highlighted the fact that the company is firmly committed to this sponsorship as the values of effort, companionship, overcoming difficulties, constancy and team work which characterise cycling fully coincide with the food company’s philosophy.

The company built a stand of 200 square meters opposite the finishing line to welcome customers and representatives from the public bodies.

ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN is one of the main collaborators of this sporting event on an international scale which is broadcast in 190 countries and which, last year, had a cumulative audience of more than 360 million people. As well as the tenth leg, the company sponsors 18 motorbikes during the whole of La Vuelta, as well as the women’s race “Madrid Challenge”, which takes place on Sunday 10th September in the Madrid Circuit, before the last leg of La Vuelta.

The Brand ELPOZO was also present on billboards, panels and kilometre markers and had a vehicle in caravan. A selection of its products accompanied the race to be tried at the start as well as the finish by attendees of the event. ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN’s products are especially beneficial for physical exercise due to their high protein content, which favours the increase and conservation of muscle mass.

The day also included, as well as the actual competition, the “ Vuelta junior”, in which one hundred young people from Alhama de Murcia ran the last kilometre of the leg, in order to promote interest in this sport. The town is one of eleven with this initiative, where more than 1600 young people can experience sharing the circuit and podium with professional cyclists from La Vuelta. The sporting event also offered the Parque Vuelta, a free party aimed at local residents which took place at the end of the leg.