ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN celebrates its 65th anniversary by paying tribute to the family


The company has made a video in which it highlights the importance of having consumer confidence over the years

ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN has made a video to commemorate its 65th anniversary in which it makes the point that the most important thing is being one of the family and having consumer confidence over the years.

The family origin of ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN, together with the company’s representative strengths, such as innovation, effort, commitment, job generation, traceability or food safety, make up the business’s DNA.

Besides creating a commemorative logo and making the video, the company will run different activities throughout the year such as professional congresses related to the sector, symposiums, exhibitions, concerts, sponsoring cultural and sporting initiatives, commemorative material, as well as other activities linked to the celebration of this anniversary and connected to promoting values and healthy habits which characterise the company.

The ELPOZO brand is currently the most consumed in Spanish households thanks to the confidence which millions of people place in its products every day.

ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN was born in 1954, although its origin dates back to 1935 with the opening of a modest grocery shop located in “El Pozo Concejil” square in the town of Alhama de Murcia, in Murcia. In 1954 it started its industrial activity with the first meat products factory and, from then on, it has undergone constant growth based on a strategy of reinvestment and continuous improvement.

The company has a workforce of over 5000 people and its business activity generates a further 23,000 jobs. Its annual turnover is more than 1100 million.