ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN gets on its bike with La Vuelta 2019


The company is an official sponsor of the sporting event and its image is decorating 18 liaison motorbikes and the bikers’ overalls

 ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN is renewing its collaboration for the next four editions of La Vuelta, one of the most important international sporting events which is transmitted in 190 countries and has a yearly accumulated audience of over 360 million people.

ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN has been committed to La Vuelta since 2016 because the values of effort, camaraderie, overcoming difficulties, constancy and team work which characterise cycling fully coincide with the company’s philosophy.

This year the leading food company is sponsoring 18 liaison motorbikes and their drivers will wear the company’s image. The model chosen for this support function is the spectacular Yamaha Niken, the three wheeled model from the Japanese firm.

In addition, ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN is the main sponsor of the women’s test Madrid Challenge, which takes place on 14th and 15th September in Madrid, thus supporting the take-off over the last few years of women’s sport.

Another of the novelties this year is the company has a foodtruck which will go in caravan and which will be in La Vuelta park offering tastings of King sausages.  Furthermore, a selection of products is accompanying the race so that they can be eaten at the start as well as at the goals by people attending the event, as well as handing out merchandise. The food products made by ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN are especially beneficial for physical exercise due to their high protein content, which favours the increase and conservation of muscle mass.