ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN starts up its household waste recycling project


The initiative includes training and raising awareness among its workers about collecting paper-cardboard and plastic packaging and cans and cartons


ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN has started its ‘Sustainable workplace’ recycling project for the selective collection of household waste, which will be rolled out to all the company during the first half of next year.

The objective of this activity is to promote a culture of recycling among the company’s 5000 workers with the recuperation of primary packaging and transfer this awareness-raising work to their homes.

ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN started this project today with training sessions aimed at around 50 employees initially. Over the next months it will be expanded to the rest of the staff. This initiative includes the installation of collection points for paper and cardboard packaging, as well as plastic, cans and cartons in the communal areas of the company such as the cafes, rest areas and offices.

The project is being run in collaboration with Ecoembes, the not-for-profit environmental organisation which coordinates packaging recycling across Spain and which has made 50 recycling containers available. The town council of Alhama de Murcia is also collaborating through the municipal waste collection company FCC and its logistic services, to carry out the recuperation and recycling of these materials.

ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN is a company committed to the environment which is why environmental projects are included as part of its business activity allowing progress towards a circular economy.