ELPOZO BienStar, official sponsor of the Women’s race in Lisbon


The fund-raising is aimed at the Portuguese support association for women with breast cancer 

ELPOZO BienStar was the official sponsor of the Corrida Sempre Mulher which took place last weekend in Lisbon and which brought together more than 10,000 runners who unanimously supported the fight against breast cancer.

The healthy food brand ELPOZO BienStar was present in the advertising billboards of the race.  It also gave a pink cap to each race participant and had a stand where two nutritionists measured the body composition of the attendees with the help of two bioimpedance scales. These professionals gave information and advice on how to eat and live healthily. The runners were able to try the range of ELPOZO BienStar products and get to know their heart-healthy properties.

All the products in the ELPOZO BienStar range are lactose and gluten free and being low in salt and fat they are ideal for people who are careful what they eat, such as sports men and women. They are especially ideal for all those who need to reduce their fat and salt consumption and, in general, for all those who want to feel well, physically as well as mentally, to reach a greater sense of well-being.

The main objective of this initiative is to raise awareness of the fight against breast cancer, promoting some healthy lifestyle habits such as doing exercise and following a balanced diet.

A diet rich in food with high vitamin and antioxidant content, low in saturated fats and doing physical activity on a daily basis help to prevent cancer.  In addition ELPOZO BienStar products have a high protein content, which favours the increase and conservation of muscle mass, which is beneficial for exercise.