ELPOZO, one of Spain’s most authentic brands


According to the report produced by the consultancy firm Cohn&Wolfe

The ELPOZO brand is one of the  most authentic emblems of Spain according to a study undertaken by the communication and public relations consultancy firm Cohn&Wolfe, in which it lists the most respectful, reliable and genuine brand names for Spanish consumers.

The attributes analysed by the firm in order to define the authenticity of a brand included good customer care, privacy protection, fulfilling promises and quality.

ELPOZO appears in this report together with well-known and prestigious brands like Central Lechera Asturiana, Pascual or Calvo.

The ELPOZO brand is what most people buy in Spain, as it is present in 78.9 per cent of Spanish households.  In addition, it has been named as one of the most innovative among the brand name consumer goods producers. Behind that there is a leading company in its sector, which is committed to research in order to satisfy the most demanding of consumer requirements through healthy, balanced and nutritional food, which provides an added bonus of pleasure, well-being and convenience.