ElPozo promotes a new edition of the joint health programme for its more than 1200 employees


It will provide the material for free so that they can practise and do the exercises at home

More than 1200 workers from ElPozo Alimentación will benefit from  the new edition of the joint health programme  promoted by the company and whose objective is to promote employee wellbeing and favour a greater quality of life, both inside and outside the working timetable.

The training, which will run until 15th June, has begun today with workers from the Production areas, taking place in the prepared rooms in the company’s gymnasium.

During these workshops, which last five hours, the students learn different techniques to minimise muscle tension and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal problems, especially in the lower back and in the neck, shoulders, wrists and feet.

It is about very simple, but very effective activities which enable continuity.  For that reason, the company will provide the foam cylinder, the main material used on this course, for free, so that all workers can practise and do the exercises in their own homes.

A step by step video tutorial, lasting less than 20 minutes, has also been created which shows the necessary movements to work each part of the body. It is a simple tool, which will help to understand the contents and is available at any given moment, through the Workers Portal.

ElPozo Alimentación has been declared European Sport and Healthy Company 2018, thanks to its commitment to a positive and healthy working environment. Not only does the company provide its workers with medical resources and 24-hour health care, but it also provides other services such as a social centre, a gymnasium, a sports pavilion and tennis and paddle courts.


20180131 NOTA Curso Salud Articular (002)