ElPozo Alimentación’s commercials will display the image of Caravaca’s Jubilee Year


ElPozo Alimentación is to display the image of Caravaca’s Jubilee Year 2017 in its television commercials, in order to spread this event as one of the most important cultural and tourist events to take place in Spain in 2017. The company will also include the event’s logo in its entire informational and communications media.

These actions are part of the actions which the holding company Grupo Fuertes, of which the food company forms part, will promote as a member of the patronage of the Camino de la Cruz Foundation, and which will mean its participation in a wide programme of events which include exhibitions and concerts as well as environmental, sporting, scientific and gastronomic activities.

In doing so Grupo Fuertes will collaborate with the work that is being undertaken in the Camino de la Cruz Foundation, throughout the Community of the Region of Murcia, Caravaca de la Cruz’s Town Council, the religious fraternity “la Real e llustre Cofradía de la Santísima y Vera Cruz de Caravaca”, the Diocese of Cartagena and other local Murcian and national companies involved in the Project.

The holding company, made up of twenty companies and more than 6000 workers, consists of a powerful agro-food core and a collection of diversified investments. The better known companies of the group include ElPozo Alimentación, Fripozo, Aquadeus, Palancares Alimentación, Bodegas Luzón, Profusa, Vis Hoteles or the Terra Natura leisure parks.

Caravaca de la Cruz was awarded a Jubilee Year “In Perpetuum” by the Holy See on 9th January 1998 for its devotion to the Vera Cruz. The first Jubilee Year after this took place in 2003, to be celebrated every seven years from then on.


Los spots de ElPozo Alimentación lucirán la imagen de Caravaca Jubilar