New advances to get healthier food and advanced packaging


The project means an investment of seven million euros

The Board of Directors of the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), part of the Ministry of Economy, has certified the first milestone of the R&D project, “Research and experimental development of new healthier food and advanced packaging”, in the framework of the National Strategic Consortium of Business Research (CIEN) programme.

This project was one of those chosen by the CDTI in the CIEN 2015 call, whose aim is to finance large projects on experimental development in future strategic areas with international projection potential.

With an investment of more than seven million euros, the objective of the study is focused on researching new functional ingredients and formulations for the food industry, as well as new advanced packaging systems and materials, which enable meat products to be healthier and multifunctional and meet the needs of consumers and public authorities in terms of health and sustainability.

The initiative is made up of a consortium at a national level with seven business partners, including some of the most important companies from the agro-food, ingredients and packaging sector in the country.  It is led by UVE and has the participation of members such as ElPozo Alimentación, Bandesur Alcalá, BTSA Biotecnologías Aplicadas, Monteloeder, Nurel and Plastienvase.

In addition, 11 public research bodies of renowned prestige from different universities and CSIC centres (Spanish National Research Council) are taking part.


20190922 Certification Project