ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN extends its quality standards to increase the animal welfare guarantees


From ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN we want to share the measures we have been implementing during the last months regarding Animal Welfare:

  • Review of the criteria and increase in the strictness of the sanitary sacrifice process.
  • Implementation of a new specific certification for Animal Welfare.
  • Increase of the number of veterinary staff and of the frequency of the controls made to the supplier farms.

These actions have been taken in the company gradually since last October and are intended to bring additional guarantees to the already strict compliance of the quality standards regarding health, food safety and animal welfare. Moreover, an investigation file was opened to the supplier farm whose images appear in the video, after which a disassociation process from that farm began and is already effective today.

From ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN we want to insist in the fact that the official veterinarians of the Administration who work in every meat industry absolutely guarantee food safety.

From the certainty that a leading company such as ours, can not allow any slightest suspicion about the excellence of its processes, we are studying to implement additional measures regarding animal welfare that would complement those already in place and being implemented.

With that purpose in mind, we are working closely together with the different auditors of our customers, and we plan to extend this collaboration to other interested parties in the near future, including animal defense groups.


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