ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN grew 8.4 per cent in 2017, reaching a turnover of 1,129 million euros


Sales abroad increased in value by 18 per cent

The company’s workforce at the end of the year was 4,612 strong, 8 per cent more than the previous year

 ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN brought the last financial year 2017 to a close with a turnover of 1,129 million euros, an increase of 8.4 per cent compared to the previous year. This increase was driven by the significant progress in exporting, brand positioning and innovation of high added value products which the company is experiencing.

Sales abroad increased by 18 per cent, reaching 221 million euros. The company, present in 82 countries, aims to continue increasing its export quota, consolidate its position in Europe and commit to emerging countries such as the so-called BRICS, made up of Brazil, India, China, South Africa and Russia, market conditions permitting. Neither does ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN rule out continuing to advance in internationalisation, by entering other countries together with sound business partners with whom they can develop efficient business activities.

The workforce was 4,612 strong as at 31st December 2017, which means an increase of 8 per cent compared to the previous year. To these direct jobs more than 23,000 indirect posts must be added, generated by its business activity. Employment-wise it must be noted that the company has agreed a large scale plan with the company’s work council guaranteeing the future of many posts and specifying, among other things, benefits in the permanent contracting of 700 workers over the next four years.

With regards to investment, ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN aimed 46 million euros at increasing efficiency and innovation in all its areas and reinforcing as such its competitiveness in an increasingly more global market. The company dedicates a large part of its resources to the development of balanced and nutritional food. Standing out among the most important latest launches are the new Asados range (roast meats) from ELPOZO Artesanos which reinforce the delicatessen with  high added value and the Suprême sausages, from a superior category, which follow current consumer trends and respond to consumer demands regarding product quality, composition and origin.

In addition, ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN has been declared European Sport and Healthy Company 2018 by ACES Europe and the International Organisation of Human Capital Directives for its promotion of health and sport among its workers.  It is the first European food company to receive this distinction thanks to its 5,000 m2 of sporting space which is for the exclusive use of its staff with a wide range of activities including gymnasium, padel and tennis courts, a covered pavilion designed for indoor football and other sports such as table tennis.

For the assistant general manager of the company, Rafael Fuertes, “these good results are based on our orientation towards the consumer, which is the centre of our business activity”.

ELPOZO is the brand most commonly found in Spanish households, with eight out of ten having its products, according to the latest ‘Brand Footprint’ ranking, the largest study of consumer brands based on actual purchases.