ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN has been serving consumers for 65 years


Almost a lifetime of making sure every day is a little better than the day before 

ELPOZO is the most consumed brand in Spanish households thanks to the trust placed in it by its buyers

The company is to organise various events to commemorate the anniversary throughout the year and has created a logotype image for the event

ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN turns 65 this year with a firm commitment to serving consumers. The ELPOZO brand is currently the most consumed in Spanish households thanks to the trust placed in it by the millions of people who choose it every day.

ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN was born in 1954, although its origin dates back to 1935 with the opening of a modest grocery shop in “El Pozo Concejil” square in the town of Alhama de Murcia, in Murcia. In 1954 it started its industrial activity with its first meat products production factory and since then has undergone constant growth, based on a strategy of reinvestment and continuous improvement.

Since its creation it has implemented Integrated Process Control (IPC), a productive model which guarantees the total traceability of food, from the beginning until the end of each process.  The consumer is the centre of activity, aimed at pre-empting their needs and exceeding their expectations.

The company has just exceeded 5000 direct employees but its business activity also generates 23,000 indirect employees.  Without a doubt, this is an important fact which places it among the main generators of quality employment in the country.

ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN is a one hundred per cent family company, with an efficient, humane, socially and environmentally responsible business model. Innovation is the fundamental pillar of its business philosophy, which applies to all areas of the business, from productive processes and the implementation of new technologies through to launching new products which can improve consumer well-being and health.

The company has its headquarters in Alhama de Murcia, in one of the biggest industrial complexes in the meat sector in Europe, with more than 250,000 m2 of constructed surface space. Its productive capacity is between 450,000 and 500,000 tonnes per year. Its annual sales generate over 1000 million euros.

With a philosophy of constant improvement, ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN dedicates a large part of its resources to the development of balanced and nutritional food and its CSR plan includes actions in the social, environmental, economic and sporting fields aimed at improving the surroundings where it carries out its activity.

Celebrating its 65th anniversary

The company plans to celebrate the anniversary by running various events including congresses, producing commemorative material and sponsoring various cultural and sporting initiatives.

In addition, the company’s design team have created a logotype which combines the insignia of ELPOZO in gold with the date of the anniversary in corporate red. A single, clear, simple image with the slogan ‘just one of the family’ which consolidates the values that have made the company a leading brand and benchmark among Spanish consumers.

The family origin of ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN, together with other representative strengths such as innovation, effort, commitment, job creation, traceability and food safety are what make up the DNA of the company.