ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN supports flamenco in the International Festival Cante de las Minas


The Festival is considered to be the most important in the world

ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN renews its commitment as sponsor of the LIX Cante de las Minas International Festival in La Unión. The president of the company, Tomás Fuertes, together with the managing director, José Fuertes, have today signed an agreement to collaborate and support flamenco with the chief executive of the Cante de las Minas Foundation and the mayor of La Unión, Pedro López, in the company’s facilities in Alhama de Murcia.

This initiative is part of its Corporate Social Responsibility activities, which try to generate added value in the company by promoting sustainable development through social, economic and environmental improvement.

Cante de las Minas International Festival in La Unión is considered as the main flamenco event in the world. Moreoverit has been declared to be of International Tourist Interest and has received the Spanish Gold Medal for Merit in the Arts.

This year the LIX edition of the event takes place from 31st July to 10th August in the Antiguo Mercado Público (Former Public Market) in la Unión and will bring together recognised artists from the flamenco world such as Pasión Vega, Farruquito, José Mercé and El Pele, as well as many more. In addition, as in other editions, the organisation is going to run parallel activities including gastronomic workshops, seminars, courses related to flamenco and a masterclass.

ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN and Cante de las Minas International Festival share their international character, as well as an interest in spreading culture through flamenco, an artform declared as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, for its worldwide appeal.


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