The organisation of one of the events with the greatest international impact has recognised the company for its firm commitment to sport

 The organisation of the Spanish Tour (La Vuelta) has today recognised ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN for its commitment to good sport and women’s sport through promoting sport at different levels and categories. The award was collected by the managing director of ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN, Rafael Fuertes from the hands of the managing director of La Vuelta, Javier Guillén.

The company is committed to sport in its business policy, as one of the basic pillars of its philosophy, associated with intrinsic values which are part of doing sport: responsibility, commitment, respect and overcoming difficulties.

La Vuelta, one of the events with the greatest international impact given that it is emitted in more than 190 countries and was watched last year by more than 360 million people, is also sponsored by ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN in all its activities. The company promotes the women’s race “Madrid Challenge”, which will take place on 15th and 16th September and which this year has changed from being a classic to a two stage race included in the Women’s World Tour calendar.

In addition, the ELPOZO brand is present on billboards, panels and kilometric arches and has a vehicle in convoy. A selection of its products accompanies the race to be tried at the start as well as the finishing post by the events attendees. ELPOZO Alimentación products are particularly beneficial for physical exercise due to their high protein content, which favours the increase and conservation of muscle mass.

ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN’s commitment to sport goes way beyond its relation to La Vuelta. As well as cycling, it has been with ELPOZO Murcia Indoor Football club for more than 25 years, and is firmly committed to paralympic sport, figure skating, kayaking, synchronized swimming or  motocross as well as many other disciplines.

This firm commitment to professional and non-professional sport is rounded off by its promotion of physical activity among its more than 4600 workers. This policy has helped it to be recognised as European Sport and Healthy Company 2018 making it the first European food company to get this award which is driven by ACES Europe and the International Organisation of Human Capital Directives DCH, from the European Parliament.