ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN launches new website


Aimed at covering its consumers’ needs

www.elpozo.com is visited by more than three million people a year

 ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN has just launched its new website aimed at covering its consumers’ demanding needs and expectations. The new site is very intuitive and user friendly with maximised usability.  It is an attractive space thanks to spectacular photographs, current, useful and practical content, presented in Spanish and English.

The www.elpozo.com webpage is visited annually by three million users and is, therefore, benchmark information medium for the company and one of the big food sites.

This new proposal is one hundred per cent responsive, that is, it can be adapted to all screens (computer, mobile, tablet) to offer better performance to an increasingly greater number of users who access the information and digital services by the most diverse means. In addition, it presents a new layout of information which means content can be consulted swiftly and smoothly

The new ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN webpage puts great emphasis on the nutritional characteristics of its range of products, all those which are gluten free, or those which are lactose free or low in fat and salt, with the aim of making the lives of millions of people in Spain who suffer from some type of food intolerance easier.

The portal as a corporate management tool at the service of the company’s stakeholders includes information about the history of the company created in 1954, its unique production process, which is summarised in the phrase ‘With you from the beginning to the end’, as well as a tribute to its workforce, the main author of the organisation’s success. It also has a wide channel of practical and simple recipes to offer alternative ways to consume ELPOZO products.

This launch responds to ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN’s objective to boost all communication channels available to the general public with which it interacts, be transparent and close and have the greatest amount of interaction possible.

The web page, which is now operative, is a live, constantly updated tool which enables users to be up-to-date with the company’s news. ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN has an internet community in its different communication channels, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube exceeding 70,000 people, with which it maintains direct communication.

ELPOZO products are present in eight out of ten families and it is the most chosen brand by Spanish households. It has recently been chosen as one of the most innovative among the large consumer brand producers thanks to the success of its product launches.