Due to the emission of the program “What is behind the meat industry in Spain?”, ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN wants to make the following considerations:




  • The animals that appear in the images of the program would never enter the production chain of ElPozo Alimentación. The controls stipulated by Spanish and EU legislation and by the company itself make this impossible.


  • The official veterinarians of the Administration who work in our company, as well as in all the industries of the sector, permanently inspect all the animals that arrive at our facilities, before and after their slaughter, and watch over the strict compliance of the food safety standards. The general director of Livestock of the Region of Murcia confirms this in the aforementioned TV show.




  • The recorded images correspond to an area of sanitary recovery, that is to say, they are animals that have some type of malformation or birth disease, which must be monitored to control their evolution and improvement and, if it does not occur, to implement their sanitary sacrifice. This is established by the ethical and deontological code of Spanish livestock. Periodic veterinary reviews determine which animals should be sacrificed sanitarily.


  • Those animals that do not eventually recover are sanitarily sacrificed by authorized veterinarians, on the farm itself, in accordance with the current animal welfare legislation (Art. 3 of R.D: 348/2000 on the protection of animals in livestock farms and R.D: 1135/2002 and R.D: 1392/2012, related to the minimum standards for the protection of pigs) and they are withdrawn by dedicated companies officially authorized by the Administration. The company has all the official documentation that accredits this legislative compliance.


  • ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN has more than twenty national and international certificates that certify its strict compliance with all requirements in terms of health, food safety and animal welfare. BRC (British Retail Consortium), IFS (International Food Estándar), OCA Calidad Carne Fresca ELPOZO, Certification of the Food Safety and Animal Welfare (Cefusa), Certification of “Antibiotic Free Program” (Cefusa).


  • ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN appreciates the fundamental role played by the media and defends, above all, the right to information and freedom of expression. And for the information to be truthful, it offers anyone who requests it all the documentation it has.


  • ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN and CEFUSA have a clear conscience both in relation to Animal Welfare and in matters of Food Safety.




  • The pig sector contributes to the national wealth with a positive trade balance of more than 4.500 million euros and a total business volume of 15.000 million euros. It generates 300.000 direct and more than one million indirect jobs, mainly in rural areas


  • ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN, with more than 60 years of history, is a leading company in the food sector, is present in 82 countries and employs over 4.200 workers